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PS3Key V3 Silabs PS3 - PS3Key Modchip USB Dongle

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The PS3Key™ V3 Silabs is an USB dongle for the downgrade and/or jailbreak of you PS3/PS3™ console.
This technique lets you install and then play your PS3 Blu-ray™ games directly on the internal hard drive on the console or an external hard drive plugged into an USB slot.
Allows The transfers take place via a specific menu executable from the PS3™ interface, without opening the console !
Compatible with all models PS3/PS3™ Slim consoles, this dongle enjoys quality manufacturing and monitoring of Team WiiKey®.
IMPORTANT : Original product fully upgradable and "open source" compatible.
-> Beware of PS3Key™ clones not upgradeable ! Require a valid serial number to register your product from the manufacturer's website and thus access to the download area.
NB : Infinitydream is official distributor of this product.
NB : Product discontinued, replaced by 3k3y SATA V2.
Key features :
  • USB modchip/dongle PS3Key™ V3 (Silabs) *new from 10.12.16*
  • New 96KB Silicon Labs® chipset with innovative update feature without any requisited application
  • 64KB flash memory can support all existing and future Payloads
  • "plug-and-play" hardware solution (do not remove the console warranty)
  • Downgrade feature : Allows to downgrade firmwares 3.42, 3.50 and 3.55 to 3.41 ! *new from 11.01.13*
  • Allows backup and playback of your PS3™ games on the internal hard drive of the console or on an external USB hard drive FAT32 formatted
  • Allows launch of unsigned codes (homebrews) via external USB storage media (HDD or USB key)
  • Supports most existing PS3™ games to date :
  • Support of 3.50 compatible PS3™ games (eg : NFS Hot Pursuit™ or GT5™ with modification of EBOOT.BIN files) *new from 11.01.03*
  • Play game backups via HDD 2x faster than through the Blu-ray™ drive
  • Customizable system updates blocking (dongle connected)
  • "Drag'n'drop" update dongle type by USB via computer : The dongle is recognized as a USB key, then simply drag the update file into to it be done !
  • Support PS3Key official firmware (firmware.bin)
  • Support "open source" firmwares like PSGroove via .hex file converter
  • Support WIN98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 10.X, Linux RH9/FC4/FC5
  • 3 months warranty
  • Support PS3/PS3™ Slim consoles with 3.41 firmware or lower firmware (update 3.41 now required)
  • Support PS3/PS3™ Slim consoles with 3.42 or 3.50 firmware by downgrade only
  • Support PS3™ consoles with 3.55 firmware by downgrade only *new from 11.01.13*
  • Do not support PS3™ Slim consoles with 3.55 firmware
  • Do not support PS3™ Slim consoles with original built-in 3.50 firmware Sérial number CECH-251xx (Downgrade = console brick)
  • Do not support PS3/PS3™ Slim consoles with 3.56 or 3.60 firmware
  • This product is not licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment® and doesn't contain any copyrighted source code
  WARNING : "The use of a device to circumvent any technical protection software is liable to the penalties for counterfeiting." (Art. R. 335-2)  
PS3Key Official Distributor
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