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Infinitydream is in no way affiliated with one of these companies. The official products are mentioned as such to avoid any ambiguity and the photos are presented for information purposes only and are not contractual.
In addition, the articles, comments, messages and information on the site are the property of their respective authors. The entire site is subject to copyright, which means that you are not authorized to copy and/or re-appropriate any graphic or textual content without the administrator's permission.


Infinitydream cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of products sold on its site, the buyer is solely responsible for the use he makes of them.
In fact, you only have the right to copy a software or a game if you own the original (backup copy). By not respecting this text and the laws in force in your country, you are guilty of an offense of violation of the intellectual property code.
Infinitydream can therefore in no way be held responsible for illegal uses by one of its customers. Piracy is prohibited and in no way endorsed by
Note also that you are solely responsible for the use of your console. Any console modification invalidates the manufacturer's warranty and by purchasing from this site you accept this fact and the general conditions of sale.

Please consult the legal texts relating to backup copies (non-exhaustive list except in case-law): Articles L122-4, L122-5, L122-6, 122-6-1, 122-6-2, 122-7, 131-3, R335-1, R335-2 of the intellectual property code.

"Data Protection" Law

In accordance with the "Informatique et Libertés" law of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you.
You can access your information through the website and exercise this right by contacting us directly through the "Contact us" interface of the site or by sending an email to the following address:

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The site is declared to the CNIL - Declaration number 1323841.
None of the information collected will be transmitted to a third party.

Downloadable softwares

We do not provide free downloads of any illegal files, games, bios or ROMs, but simply software that allows you to get the most out of your console. The documents and downloads from the site are offered without any warranty.
In any case their authors, as well as the site administrator can not be held responsible for any problems related to their use.

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