8BitDo SFC30 Gamepad 30th Anniversary Bluetooth Controller
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Xtander SFC30

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8Bitdo SFC30 Gamepad 30th Anniversary Edition game controller for Android, iOS(iCade) and Mac/PC systems.
This Super Famicom™ / Super Nintendo™ wireless controller has 8 buttons and 1 directional pad.
With its Xtander phone stand (sold separately), it is the perfect controller to play all your retrogaming games and other platform games on mobile device.
Key features :
  • 8Bitdo SFC30 Gamepad 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Game control keys : D-pad, Select, Start
  • Game buttons : XYAB + L and R triggers
  • Connectivity : wired/wireless
  • Interface : Bluetooth/USB
  • Bluetooth version : 2.1
  • Battery capacity : 480 mAh
  • Battery type : Li-Ion
  • Width : 14.4 cm
  • Depth : 2.4 cm
  • Height : 6.1 cm
  • Micro USB charging cable included
  • "FC 30th Anniversary" key ring included
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with all PC and Google Play™ retrogaming emulators (NES, SNES, GBA, Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Nec PC Engine, Neo-Geo, Arcade)
  • Compatible with Google Play™ plateforme games supporting controller use
  • Compatible with iCade™ games on iOS™ (iPhone/iPad™)
  • Compatible with Android™, iOS™(iCade), MacOS™, Windows™
  • Manufactured by 8Bitdo®
  • Color gray, multi
  • Box version
8BitDo SFC30 Gamepad (box)
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