BGA Reballing Stencils (x5 pcs) PS4 FAT/Slim/Pro

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BGA Reballing Stencils (x5 pcs) PS4 FAT/Slim/Pro
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BGA reballing stencils (x5 pcs) for PS4™ FAT/Slim/Pro consoles.
Reballs all of these components :
- APU CDX90026G and others : 0.55 mm / 0.6 mm
- SCEI SouthBridge CXD90025G : 0.5 mm
- SCEI SouthBridge CXD90036G : 0.5 mm
- SIE SouthBridge CXD90042GG : 0.5 mm
- SIE SouthBridge CXD90046GG : 0.5 mm
- RAM DDR2/DDR3 : 0.45 mm
- RAM DDR5 : 0.45 mm
Key features :
  • BGA reballing stencils for PS4™ FAT/Slim/Pro consoles
  • Compatible with APU, SCEI Southbridge, RAM DDR2/3 et DDR5 (5 pcs)
  • Type: Direct heat
  • Support CUH-10xx/11xx/12xx PS4™ FAT consoles
  • Support CUH-20xx/21xx/22xx PS4™ Slim consoles
  • Support CUH-70xx/71xx/72xx PS4™ Pro consoles
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