60W Adjustable Soldering Iron (900M) + 6 Heating Tips
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60W soldering iron with adjustable temperature, supplied with a set of 6 heating tips.
Ergonomic and powerful, this soldering iron is equipped with a temperature dial (392 to 847°F).
Ideal formodchip push-pulls, detailed works or motherboard repair (component desoldering).
Key features :
  • 60W adjustable soldering iron (900M series)
  • Straight precision heating tip 60W included + 5 other models
  • Temperature potentiometer buit-in
  • Tip temperature from 392°F to 847°F (200°C to 450°C)
  • Support provided
  • Small sponge provided
  • 220V power plug (EUR)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Support all welding work
Soldering, Iron, 60W, Tip, Sharp, Precision, Heating, Temperature, Variable, 900M, Series
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