Full Drive PS3 FAT - PATA / SATA

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Full Drive PS3 FAT - PATA / SATA
PS3-FULDRI - (0 notes)

Manufacturer: Sony Computer
Condition: Second-hand
Weight: 0.990 kg

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50.00 € 47.50 €
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PATA - KEM-400AAA (w/o rotation) 47.50 € 1



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Full drive with daughter board for PS3™ FAT console.
Models available in PATA (60 pins) or SATA (24 pins) version.
Key features :
  • Full drive with lens unit and mechanism
  • Daughter board included
  • Remplacement part after daughter board substituting
  • Compatible with 3k3y Ripper V2 for PS3 game dump in ISO format
  • 3 month warranty
  • Support 20/40/60GB PS3™ consoles (CECHA/B/C/E/G/H/K) (PATA)
  • Support 80/160GB PS3™ console (CECHL/M/P/Q) (SATA)
  • Manufactured by Sony®
Full, Drive, PS3, FAT, PATA, SATA, KEM-400A, KEM-410ACA
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