Glass/LCD Separation Tool Samsung Galaxy + iPhone

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Glass/LCD Separation Tool Samsung Galaxy + iPhone
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Separation tool for glued glass/LCD of smartphones.
Fitted with a molybdenum wire, this tool will insure you a clean work without risk of breakage of the LCD screen.
Also works for jointed screens that outfit portable consoles and touchscreen tablets.
NB : molybdenum wire (0.1 mm) not provided, available separately.
Key features :
  • Glass separation tool
  • Lets split/off the glass from the LCD screen
  • Handles equipped with clamping screw (x2 pcs) for cutting wire
  • Molybdenum strand wire sold separately : molybdenum wire (0.1 mm)
  • Support all touch screens of smartphones (Galaxy™, iPhone™)
  • Support all touch screens of iPad™, iPod™
  • Support LCD/touch screen of GamePad for Wii™ U console
  • Support touch screen + LCD (upper/lower) of Nintendo DSi/DSi™ XL, 3DS/3DS™ XL consoles
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