Installation Rapid Fire Controller PS4 - TrueFire (V4 & V5.3)
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Modification of your DualShock™ 4 controller with installation of Rapid Fire / TrueFire FLEX system.
Undetectable during online play, you have some 14 on-board modes selectable at any time (then use the Left button on the D-pad to activate/deactivate most of the functions).
2 versions available :
- TrueFire FLEX V4 : CUH-ZCT1E/U/J compatible (JDM-001, JDM-011, JDM-030)
- TrueFire FLEX V5.3 : CUH-ZCT2E/U/J compatible (JDM-040, JDM-050, JDM-055)
  Forward your controller according to our conditions of Shipping & Return.  
Key features :
  • Installation of Rapid Fire system - TrueFire FLEX (V4 or V5.3) - for PS4 controller
  • 14 on-board modes (Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Akimbo, Mimic, Adjustable Fast Reload, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Sniper Breath/Auto Zoom, Quick ScopeRapid Fire / TrueFire system for PS4 controllerm, Jitter Fire, Auto Spotting)
  • Minimum installation (without addition of remote buttons on the back of the controller)
  • 3 months warranty
  • Support DualShock™ 4 controllers CUH-ZCT1E/U/J model = TrueFire FLEX V4
  • Support DualShock™ 4 controllers CUH-ZCT2E/U/J model = TrueFire FLEX V5
  • Support all versions of PS4™ FAT/Slim/Pro consoles
  • Version at choice
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