Jailbreak 6.1 iPhone 5

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Jailbreak 6.1 iPhone 5
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Permanent jailbreak of your iPhone 5™ with custom firmware 6.1.
Thus you can download, install and run third-party applications from Cydia™ application.
With this version, the phone can be switched off without losing the jailbreak.
Caution : The operation of jailbreak presents bricking risks for the phone making this one completely unusable, also will not run any risk and entrust to us your iPhone 5™ for a guaranteed result.
  Forward your phone according to our conditions of Shipping & Return.  
Key features :
  • Installation of a permanent jailbreak by our team
  • Custom firmware 6.1 on board for optimal software compatibility
  • Cydia™ software on board for access to third-party applications
  • Manufacturer warranty preserved (requires a system restore before returning to SAV)
  • 1 month warranty
  • Jailbreak compatible with all versions of iPhone 5™ until 6.1 version
  • SIM unlock incompatible
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