RROD Repair X360 - 3 Red Lights Ring + E73 / E74
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Considered deadly, the RROD or "Red Ring Of Death" is characterized by a flashing of 3 red diodes synonym of permanent blocking of the XBOX 360™ console.
This repair can overcome this specific symptom of the Xenon™ and Zephir™ motherboards (203W) but sometimes found on some Opus™ and Falcon™ (175W).
Also valid in case of error E73 or E74.
CAUTION : Only consoles haven't suffered from hot-air repair attempts are accepted.
  Forward your console according to our conditions of Shipping & Return.  
Key features :
  • RROD repair (Red Ring Of Death)
  • Solve the 3 red diodes syndrome and the E73 / E74 error
  • Processors connections fix
  • Thermal paste cleaning with replacement for CPU and GPU
  • Heat sinks screwing
  • Installation of specific compression india rubbers on the RAM DIMMs
  • 3 months warranty
  • Support all versions of XBOX 360™ console
  • Optional drive flash/update
RROD Repair X360 - 3 Red Lights Ring + E73 / E74 Error

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