Safety Pack Pink DS Lite
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Safety Pack™ for DS™ Lite offers the most complete solution for transportation and protection of your Nintendo® portable console.
Many new accessories compose this pack which will bring you many satisfactions at use.
Key features :
  • 2 screen protectors : protective films for console screens
  • Antistatic cleaning cloth
  • Rigid carrier bag for DS™ Lite : carries and protects Nintendo DS™ Lite console, games and accessories
  • White stereo headphones
  • Tactile stylus
  • Tactile thumb : ring with built in tactile sensor to be worn on thumb for a more natural play
  • 3 storage cases : storage and protective cases for your Nintendo DS™ games.
  • 4 protectors for console connections providing a perfect finish
  • Adjustable wrist strap and neck strap for the console and its pouch
  • Support all versions of DS™ Lite console
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