SunDriver SATA / IDE v2.03 Update Wii
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Update of your SunDriver™ SATA or IDE modchip with the latest firmware v2.03.
So you can enjoy all the latest enhancements display, navigation and optimization of disk space through new WBFS compatibility !
  Forward your console or your modchip alone according to our conditions of Shipping & Return.  
Key features :
  • Update of your SunDriver™ modchip
  • New firmware v2.03 implanted to enjoy all the latest improvements
  • AutoRun function : After being selected, the game starts directly when the console restarts !
  • Support game cover display (PC + GC menu)
  • Support GC menu skin changeable
  • Support the hardware and menu version display in GC menu
  • Enable/disable modchip options from the GC menu (hold EJECT + RESET to enter the options page)
  • Ability to rename game files with display as such in the GC menu
  • Support WBFS (reducing the file size to the game data only)
  • Update the skin and WII/GC cover databank
  • 3 months warranty (free flash in case of new update)
  • Support SunDriver™ SATA and IDE systems
SunDriver SATA / IDE v2.03 Update Wii
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