Xecuter CR3 Pro V1.0S XBOX 360 Slim - TX CR3 Pro

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Xecuter CR3 Pro V1.0S XBOX 360 Slim - TX CR3 Pro
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Manufacturer: Team Xecuter
Condition: Unspecified
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J-R Programmer V2

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CR3 Pro V1.0S to launch unsigned codes on Xbox 360™ Slim consoles.
Through RATER feature, the CR3 Pro allows up rigorous development and guarantees incomparable boot results.
Advisable for experienced installers.
Provided with optimized lengths pre-tinned wires, compatible with the J-R Programmer V2.
NB : Infinitydream is official reseller of this product.
Key features :
  • CoolRunner3 Pro V1.0S modchip to launch unsigned codes / homebrews
  • Full POST Monitoring through RATER feature (J-R Programmer V2 required)
  • RGH1 PLL_BYPASS Cleaner Switches (680pF, 150nF, 100nF, 68nF, 47nF caps)
  • Corona support : High quality branded 48.000MHz crystal oscillator (gives higher performance)
  • UF.L / UMCC connector for CPU_RESET (includes Ground, plug in adapter no soldering to the CR3 Pro required)
  • Built-in ribbon cable connector for DemoN (includes CR_EN and XSVF programming - no soldering or wires)
  • Compatible with RATER feature : Allows determine the optimal timing for each motherboard model
  • Optimized lengths pre-tinned wires provided
  • Programmable via Xecuter J-R Programmer V2
  • Compatible with module Xecuter Trinity QSB V3
  • Compatible with module Xecuter Corona QSB V3
  • Support all versions of XBOX 360™ Slim console
  • Support all models of XBOX 360™ Slim console : Check its motherboard model
  • Compatible with the J-Runner software
  • Manufactured by Team Xecuter®
  • Optional J-R Programmer V2
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