Arctic Cooling MX-2 (4g) - Thermal Compound XBOX 360/PS3
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Arctic Cooling® MX-2 thermal compound for processors of consoles or overclocked PC.
Without metallic particle, this compound offers a thermal conductivity equivalent to Arctic Silver® 5 and an optimal thermal dissipation.
Packed in syringe of 4g.
Key features :
  • Arctic Cooling® MX-2 thermal compound
  • Electricaly non-conductive
  • Thermal conductance : > 8W/m-K
  • Thermal resistance : < 0.0045°C-in2/W
  • Packed in syringe (4g)
  • 8 years lifetime
  • Support all versions of XBOX 360™ console
  • Support all versions of PS3™ console
  • Support all versions of PC
  • Manufactured by Arctic Cooling®
  • Grey color
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