Rechargeable Battery WiiFit 2600mAh Wii
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Rechargeable battery of 2600mAh capacity guaranteeing to you until 8 hours autonomy of continuous play use for your Wii™ Balance Board™.
With standard size, this one replaces the original batteries.
By way of this system, purchasing batteries is over, you have just to recharge or let connect by using provided USB cable !
Quite simply essential...
Key features :
  • Standard capacity rechargeable battery (2600mAh) for WiiFit™ gaming system
  • Until 8 hours autonomy in continous play
  • USB charge cable included
  • 6 months warranty
  • Support all versions of Wii™ console
Rechargeable, Battery, WiiFit, 2600mAh, Wii
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