Double Charger Stand Battery Pack Wiimote 2800mAh Wii
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Double charger stand for Wii™ Remotes.
With standard size, theses battery packs replace the original ones.
By way of this system, purchasing batteries is over, you have just to recharge the Wii™ Remotes directly on the base !
With a capacity of 2800mAh, these will guarantee to you up to 9 hours of autonomy of play use as well as a great comfort of use.
Quite simply essential...
Key features :
  • Charger stand for Wii™ Remotes (x2)
  • Great capacity batteries packs of 2800mAh (x2)
  • Until 9 hours autonomy in continuous play
  • USB connection cable included
  • Support all versions of Wii™ console
Double Charger Stand Battery Pack Wiimote 2800mAh Wii
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