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Mini WiFi ESP8266 USB Board PS4
PS4-ESP8266EX - (1 notes)

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USB 2.0 Cable

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Mini WiFi ESP8266 USB Board for jailbreak of PS4™ FAT/Slim/Pro consoles.
Allows Payloads launching on consoles equipped with firmware equal or less than 5.05.
  Need a compatible console ? Take a look here : PS4 500Go FW 4.55 Console - Pack Uncharted.  
Key features :
  • Mini WiFi ESP8266 USB Board (D1 Mini model)
  • PS4 jailbreak tool
  • Payload launch without LAN (Local Area Network) or internet connection
  • CH340G chipset (4MB)
  • Mini USB connection
  • Python 2.7.10 claimed under Windows™
  • 3 months warranty
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10™ OS, Mac OSX and Linux
  • Support PS3™ consoles with firmware equal or less than 5.05
  • Optional Micro USB 2.0 cable
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