YLOD Repair PS3 - Yellow + Red Flashing LEDs
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Considered deadly, the YLOD or "Yellow Light Of Death" is characterized by the yellow lighting of LEDs at startup followed by continuous red flashing synonym of permanent blocking of the PS3™ console.
This repair can definitely overcome this symptom and to regain normal use of the console.
Also allows recovery of your HDD data and/or a disc left in the console.
  Forward your console according to our conditions of Shipping & Return.  
Key features :
  • YLOD repair (Yellow Light Of Death)
  • Solve the yellow lighting of LEDs followed by continuous red flashing
  • HDD data preserved
  • Processors connections fix
  • Thermal paste cleaning with replacement for CPU and GPU
  • Compressed air dusting
  • 3 months warranty
  • Support all versions of PS3™ FAT console
  • Support all versions of PS3™ Slim/Ultra consoles
How to transfer its HDD data :
Settings -> System Settings -> Backup Utility
YLOD, Repair, PS3, Slim, Yellow, Red, Flashing, LEDs

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